Together, let’s reduce our ecological footprint

We are a bunch of friends working on online services to reduce pollution and waste for both people & companies.

What ecological solutions are we working on ?

They are all free to use and collaborative

Food Waste

Collaborative platform to reduce food waste in your restaurant or food retail shop

Ecological Impact

Calculators & directories of the ecological impact of goods and activities (imminent)


Something else is going on... stay tuned

For whom ?

As we are in our early stage, we mainly focus our services toward the french public.
Germany is coming soon & the rest of Europe too.


Available services :

Food retailers

Available services :


Available soon :

Public services

Available soon :

Our values


Made for you, by you... We make our services collaborative, as we believe  it will be a common effort to solve ecological challenges


Free to use... always. We aim to be sustainable thanks to donations & philanthropy


We care about you private & sensitive data. We will never share them or sell them to 3rd party companies

SME lovers

We want to offer useful tools for small businesses as we believe in the impact of local for global solutions

Collaborate with us...

…By using our services ! The more users & data, the more our tools will be accurate & useful!

Food Waste

We are actively looking for Parisian and French restaurant owners to collaborate with us

Ecological impact

You've found a study with interesting data ? You are in charge of supply in your company or for others ?

Our services

You want to translate our services in new languages ? Or found some improvements to do ?

Our association

You have free time and want to be more involved ?


We are a french based non-profit organisation, every bit of help would be appreciated !